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We have just bought a house in Torre having visited and stayed at a friends place. Loving the info we can get here and looking forward to many years of visiting and enjoying his lovely town and area.
i been going to the family villa at least twice a year for a month each visit, we love the place !
it would be great if there was a local car hire firm that do not charge you a fortune each time. on average from alicante air port it woks out about £90 A WEEK SO over the year i will be paying out £800.
Love Torre and great to see this useful info....
We love Torre and have been coming every year for 12 years, sometimes twice a year.
Great to see your new site, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Will be following to keep up to date with Torre news.
A very useful site having just purchased a home in Torre de la horadada we will refer to this site for info. Thank you
Thanks - not a bad little site, cant wait for you to update it with more interesting things